Five short links

Photo by Leo Reynolds

External framework problems in Go – Handling dependencies well is extremely hard, and can lead to insane yak-shaving expeditions like this when things go wrong. It's like an avalanche – changing versions on one library can impact several others, so you have to update or downgrade those too, and suddenly you're facing an ever-increasing amount of work just to get back to where you were!

D-wave comparison with classical computers – I don't know enough about quantum computing problems to comment on the details of the argument, but it's awesome to see such a deep technical dive as an instant blog post, rather than having to wait months for a paper.

Blogging is dead, but have we fixed anything? – "I find my blogging here to be too useful to me to stop doing it" sums up why I'm still working in a now-archaic medium!

What statistics should do about big data – "[Statisticians] want an elegant theory that we can then apply to specific problems if they happen to come up." That's been exactly my experience, and why I've never encountered statisticians as I've followed my curiosity to new problems data. The article this is in response to contains the assumption that 'funding agencies' have driven the CS takeover of data processing, but, despite a lot of the founders having roots in academia, almost all the innovations I've seen have been incubated in commercial environments.

The hidden sexism in CS departments – A portrait of managerial cluelessness when dealing with a nasty incident. Even if each occurrence is comparatively minor, it's the steady drip-drip of unwelcoming behavior that drives non-stereotypical geeks out of our world.

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