Five short links

Photo by Alan Levine

Elephant – A beautiful open source project to store data in a way that's "as durable as S3, as portable as JSON, and as queryable as HTTP". Tim O'Reilly has talked about the web operating system, and HTTP, JSON, and REST-like APIs (without the annoyances of full REST) have become the interface layer. I know integration will be do-able whenever I see a project based around them.

Median SF rent for a one-bedroom apartment – I wish Craigslist made their data openly available. It's already public, why not enable more useful services like this?

Everything We Know About What Data Brokers Know About You – The data about us that's used for marketing purposes is essentially unregulated. As someone who works with data about people for a living I'm glad I'm able to innovate, but I'm also depressed by how little the public actually cares about how their information is passed around and used.

The Design-Fiction Slider-bar of Disbelief – A corker of a listicle from Bruce Sterling, covering the continuum from imagination to regulation.

Scrapely – I love pulling data from messy HTML pages, and it's great to see more and more support emerging. Don't give me an API, just give me an open robots.txt.

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