Five short links

Photo by Earl

Want to live somewhere nice? Be prepared to work longer – How an area's living costs affect poor and rich workers differently.

Moving towards an identity and patient records locator – As Ben Adida points out, a one-way hash of a cell phone number with less than a billion possible inputs is not very useful. The flipside of de-anonymization being easy with enough dimensions is that it should be possible to perform entity disambiguation using the same data, so just store the messy redundant information you get as input, and do joins when you need to. The problem of matching entities is hard because defining an entity is hard, don't fight it.

Open Access Coalition – We're going to look back on the '00's as a golden age when data was open on the web if we're not careful.

DIY McDonald's Recipes – This is a maker project I can get behind! Fast food is my guilty pleasure, thankfully only occasional these days, but I have an engineer's appreciation for the thought that has gone into designing their recipes.

Save yourself from Reddit, Hacker News, Slashdot – A neat little productivity hack from Steve Coast!

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