Five short links

Photo by Flood G

BetaShapes – Using geotagged Flickr photos to define San Franciscos neighborhoods as a crowd-sourced 'folksonomy'. I'm entranced by how many useful things emerge from the clouds of data exhaust we're all generating.

Bacteria farming and software design – Code is an incredibly useful tool for artists, I love this behind the scenes look at how an amazing visualization was built.

Ang Lee and the uncertainty of success – The acclaimed director spent six years of his career with no visible signs of making any progress, and this post does a fantastic job highlighting how hard that must have been.

Founders and dysfunctional families – Growing up in chaos is good preparation for working in a startup.

Common Crawl URL search – Thinking of crawling the web? Check out this web interface to see if Common Crawl already has what you're looking for sitting in a handy S3 bucket!

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