Which iOS versions are Jetpac users running?

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I just hit a nasty bug in the Jetpac iPad app that only seems to affect users on iOS 6.0.1. Unfortunately it seems to be deep in the OS's Facebook integration code, so I wasn't able to put in a very satisfactory fix. Since the problem didn't occur in earlier versions of the OS, and was fixed in later ones, I needed to figure out how much more time I should spend on this bug, versus all the other issues we're wrestling with.

To get a good idea of the user impact, I needed to know how many of our users are on that exact iOS version. Happily we've got quite a robust analytics setup now, so it just took me a couple of minutes to pull that out. It was pretty interesting to see how fast iOS 6 has been adopted, so I thought I'd share it. It's based on a few thousand users from the last couple of weeks, and the sample is for iPad users who like travel apps, but I can't imagine it's too skewed from the general app-installing population:

For the major versions, 86% were on iOS6, 14% were on iOS5, and we've dropped support for iOS4 so we had practically no users there. Here's the details on the minor ones:

6.1.2 0%

6.1.0 39%

6.0.2 5%

6.0.1 38%

6.0.0 5%

5.1.1 12%

5.1.0 0%

5.0.1 1%

5.0.0 0%

4.3.5 0%

4.3.3 0%

4.3.2 0%

For my purposes, this means that 6.0.1 is still fairly strong, and I have more work to do! It's good news that in just five months, 86% of our users have moved over to a version of 6 though, that will definitely make on-going support a lot easier! It's surprising that the 6.1.2 user numbers are so low, but the cut-off time was earlier yesterday, so it may be that few of our users had upgraded by that point.

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