Five short links

Mural by Monte Thrasher

Heads by Monte Thrasher – Normally my short link images are side-notes, but the pentagonal helmet image led me to discover what I think is my favorite mural ever. Check out Twiggy, the world's ugliest dog, and the inflatable skull, and much more.

Stately – US state outlines as a font, in their correct positions. I love the explosion of font hacks we've seen recently!

Carmen Geocoder – The MapBox folks have done some great detective work to find open data sources for this project. I'm looking forward to seeing how this might work together with the Data Science Toolkit.

R Language interface to the DSTK – On that topic, it was great to see Ryan Elmore release an interface to the toolkit in R.

Big Data – Beyond the Hype – An opinionated and thought-provoking exploration of where the data world is headed.

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