Five short links

Photo by Ryan Somma

DocHive – Transforming scanned documents into data. A lot of the building blocks exist for this as open source, the hard part has always been building something that non-technical people can use, so I'm looking forward to seeing what a journalist-driven approach will produce.

How I helped create a flawed mental health system – There are a lot more homeless people sleeping on my block in San Francisco than there were even just two years ago. I'm driven to distraction by the problems they bring, but this personal story reminded me that they're all some parent's son.

Can you parse HTML using regular expressions? – An unlikely title for some of the funniest writing I've read in months.

Forest Monitoring for Action – A great project analyzing satellite photos to produce data about ecological dama around the world. I ran across this at the SF Open Data meetup, it's well worth attending if this sort of thing floats your boat.

Data visualization tools – A nicely presented and well-curated collection.

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