Five short links

Hello World in Common Crawl – I've been very excited to see the wider developer community starting to realize how many awesome projects Common Crawl makes possible. Here's a simple guide to getting started with its four billion web pages.

Remember the memristor – A great explanation of an intriguing new computing component, along with a clear-eyed look at why so many of these early-stage experiments never make it into commercial production.

ZIP code data hacking – It's amazing how many of the fundamental facts about our world are kept in closed-license silos. Anybody who wants to link US data sets pretty quickly runs into the translation issues between different area designations, so this project to convert between the common ZIP codes and the governmental FIPS designations is a fantastic idea.

PlacePugs – The ultimate image placeholders, as featured above.

Sorting one million eight-digit numbers in 1MB of RAM – So much of coding is about spotting exploitable patterns in your input data and requirements.

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