Are you a Bay Area tech startup that wants good job candidates?

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One of the hardest things about the recruiting process is having to turn down great potential hires because they're not a good fit with the positions we have. Most of my time at Jetpac these days is spent doing recruiting, so I've ended up with quite a few job-seekers I've been really impressed by, but that I can't hire myself. I've been sending them on piecemeal to friends, but I decided to set up something a bit more organized, so here's a mailing list you can join to see them:

Here's how the group works:

 - You must have a candidate's permission to post their details!

 - Anyone can post candidates, I just ask that you've at least emailed or spoken to them on the phone, to do the initial "Is she a serial killer?" screening.

 - There's no blind resumes, every post should give the full contact details for the candidate. 

 - This is focused on Bay Area tech startups. Feel free to start your own for other areas and industries, with my blessing.

 - This will only add value if it's mostly folks who are actively hiring at their companies, so I'll be moderating the list, hopefully with a very light touch.

If you're a jobseeker and want to be shared with some interesting tech startups, contact me through our jobs page and mention 'youreallyshouldhire'!

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