Five short links

PentagonalkaleidoscopePicture by Pete Kaminski

Dancing with handcuffs – the changing geography of trust in China - There's a lot to chew on in Tricia Wang's talk and notes, but it's fascinating to watch state censorship collide with social media, even if technology isn't a silver bullet against repression.

An archive of quotes – My friend Drew has put up a collection of quotes he's gathered by scraping news for download. I'm fascinated by hacks like these that rely on human conventions around the way we produce text, in this case looking for the formatting signatures that indicate that something's a quote.

Why are Americans so… – Another beautiful hack, this time using the data from Google's auto-complete to map the adjectives that are paired with different US states.

The free CDN – A little-known feature of Google's App Engine setup that gives you a content-delivery network for no extra charge!

Craigslist blocks search bots – I've been following the PadMapper/CL case closely, because it's putting the implicit bargain that publishers make with search engines under the spotlight. It's still unclear what's going on with the latest developments, but obviously Craig wants to keep the site showing up in search results but avoid handing over all his data to third parties. There's a whole long post I need to write with my thoughts about this.


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