Five short links

Photo by Clotho98

Science: It's a geek thing – Interesting thoughts about the roots behind the near-Saudi levels of gender sorting in technology and science, triggered by the terrible EU video. Led me to the awesome This is What a Scientist Looks Like blog.

Jquery Vector Maps – Looks like a neat little plugin for simple geographic maps in Javascript.

D4D Challenge – A cell-phone provider in Africa is looking to find good uses for anonymized call-record data in development. If you're a qualifying NGO or academic researcher, this could be a very fruitful data set for solving important problems.

Plane old networks – Musings on how geographic networks differ from their more abstract cousins, along with some great examples of how they can be visualized.

Faster than the wind – Using windpower to drive a vehicle at double the windspeed, heading up-wind! I've always been in awe of sailing, it seems like such a hack to be able to travel in almost any direction no matter what the wind is doing, but this takes that to whole new level.

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