Jetpac needs a lead frontend engineer!

Photo by Ivy Dawned

Jetpac's doing well. Really well. The five star reviews keep piling up, we've analyzed almost a billion photos, and we're on a great trajectory. There's just one problem – our four-strong team has a lot more work than we can handle! In particular I need someone who's better at frontend development than me or Chris. I'm a bit jealous, because it will involve doing a lot of fun HTML5, Sinatra and mobile development work, but I'm smart enough to know that there's far better people than me to build out the app. It's a great time to join the team too. We're small but well-funded, and are looking at a very big opportunity, so your share in any success will be significant.

Anyway, I don't want to get too cheesy, but I've learned so much from my blog readers over the last few years, I'd love to have some of you join my team. I've included the job description below, but if you want to be involved in any capacity, please get in touch! Ideally we're looking for folks in the Bay Area, or willing to relocate.


Frontend Engineering lead
Can you lead user-facing development for the top-rated travel iPad app using HTML5 technologies on mobile devices? We need someone to collaborate closely with talented designers to produce iOS interfaces using a very modern stack – jQuery, Mustache, Sinatra, and Cassandra. You'll be given a chance to define the foundations of an early-stage product and lay out the whole structure of our frontend approach. You'll be working with a talented team including the engineer behind Apple's visual effects, an O'Reilly author on big data, and an NSF research grant recipient.


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