We need a growth hacker

Photo by Ariari

Jetpac's been a success, with a flood of five star ratings on the App Store, great reviews, and most importantly users are spending a long time on the product! We know people love it, so now we're gearing up to take it to the next level, getting the app into more people's hands.

This is so important to us that the next key member of our team will be a growth hacker. Funnily enough, we'd already drawn up the job description but were struggling for a title when we came across Andrew Chen's article. I know several of the people on his list, and we've been inspired by the success of their approaches, so his description seems perfect for what we need.

We're looking for an existing expert growth hacker or someone with the aptitude for it. You'll get to join a funded team of successful entrepreneurs early enough to make a big difference, and have a big stake in our success. If you're interested email me at growthhacker@jetpac.com, and please send this on to anyone you know who might be keen.

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