Five short links

Photo by Pinké

Brain of Mat Kelcey – Mat's been doing some interesting work with Common Crawl, and his blog is a must-read for anyone interested in extracting data from unstructured text.

Google releases natural language dictionaries – Based around Wikipedia page titles as their list of concepts, Google Research have released a really interesting resource, a bit like a thesaurus for machines. Even better, it's available under a liberal CC BY license, so there should be no problem using it in any sort of project.

Dumb like me – A scary story for anyone who makes their living with their mind, from my friend Russ Jurney; "Smart people, like the very attractive, get special treatment they do not know they are getting". Despite all our techno-utopianism, we're still reliant on a fallible hardware platform made of meat.

NSA's security guide to iOS 5 – A wealth of detailed practical information on securing Apple mobile devices.

Things you might not know about jQuery – A good refresher on some of the less obvious cool features of the framework. I've been using .data() extensively on Jetpac.

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