Five short links

Photo by Bitzi

Geotagging poses security risks – An impressively level-headed look at how the quiet embedding of locations within photos can cause security issues, especially for the service members it's aimed at.

I can't stop looking at tiny homes – I was so happy to discover I'm not the only one obsessed with houses the size of dog kennels. If you're a fellow sufferer, avoid this site at all costs.

From CMS to DMS – Are we moving into an era of Data Management Systems, that play the same interface role for our data that CMS's do for our content?

Drug data reveals sneaky side effectsDrew Breunig pointed me at this example of how bulk data is more than the sum of its parts. By combining a large amount of adverse reaction reports, a large number of new side effects caused by mixing drugs were discovered.

Gisgraphy – An intriguing open-source LGPL project that offers geocoding services based on OpenStreetMap and Geonames information. I look forward to checking this out and having a play.

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