Five short links

Photo by Phillip Hay

Kartograph – An open-source web component for rendering beautiful interactive maps using SVG. Fantastic work by Gregor Aisch.

Hard science, soft science, hardware, software – I have a blog crush on John D. Cook's site, it's full of thought-provoking articles like this. As someone who's learned a lot from the humanities, I think he gets the distinction between the sciences exactly right. Disciplines that don't have elegant theoretical frameworks and clear-cut analytical tools for answering questions do take a lot more work to arrive at usable truths.

Don't fear the web – A good overview of moral panics on the internet, and how we should react to the dangers of new technology.

Using regression isolation to decimate bug time-to-fix – Once you're dealing with massive, interdependent software systems, there's a whole different world of problems. This takes me back to my days of working with multi-million line code bases, automating testing and bug reporting becomes essential.

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team – I knew OSM did wonderful work around the world, but I wasn't aware of HOT until now, great to see it all collected in one place.

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