Five short links


Photo by Richard Paterson

The Ugliest Map in the World – Such an eyewatering color scheme, you'd think I'd designed it. The swimming-pool bottom caustics for the ocean areas really clinches it.

The Life of a Typeahead Query – An exploration of how hard it is to make an easy interface. Great to see a practical example how someone architected a real-world system with messy requirements.

Ending the Infographic Plague – Visualizations are an excellent hack for getting publicity, which inevitably leads to pollution by bad actors.

The Mess that is NPM – I really, really want to use Node.js, but the library ecosystem isn't quite mature enough for me to use in production. There's a lot of non-technical community hacking that you need to do to create a strong set of modules, and responsible maintainership isn't something I'm perfect at with all my projects, so I know how hard it is.

Brain Grain – Tasty little HTML5 visualization of world-wide migration. It's pretty simple, but has some innovations I've not seen elsewhere and uses animation effectively.

And last but not least, Jetpac is now rounding out a fundraising round, so if you're on Angelist any comments or recommendations would very welcome.

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