Five short links

Photos by Tang Yau Hoong

The tourists have left – Despite the early-stage hype, there's fewer VCs around than ever.

Converting addresses into lat/long coordinates in Excel using the Data Science Toolkit - I love seeing the creative way people use open-source projects once they're out in the wild.

Strata – A good overview of what's on offer at the Big Data conference, featuring your correspondent with "Embrace the Chaos", and with a 20% discount.

Google code prettify – A beautiful little Javascript hack for syntax-colored display of all sorts of computer languages in web pages.

12 Things Brad DeLong Got Wrong in his Career – A bit like a VC firm's anti-portfolio, acknowledging and even celebrating your mistakes is a fun way to keep yourself intellectually honest. I always loved the idea of the slave at a Roman Triumph whose job it was to whisper to the honored general "Remember you're mortal".

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