Blue Angels 2011


When my friend Bruno Bowden told me that Fleet Week was one of his favorite events in San Francisco, I raised an eyebrow. It sounded like something straight out of a 40's musical. Then he invited me and Joanne along to a party on his rooftop to see the airshow, and I was intrigued, but imagined we'd be staring at little dots flying over Sausalito through binoculars. Boy, was I wrong!

There's no way I could capture the full experience of the jets flying a few hundred feet directly over our heads, or watching them seemingly weave between the buildings, flying lower than we were. It was so hard to film them, they flew over so fast ! We did manage to capture a couple of the larger planes in the show, but please excuse the swearing in the second one, I just couldn't believe they could do that with a full-sized jet-liner over a major city!

Big thanks to Bruno to inviting us along, it truly was one of the most unique events I've ever been to. I'm so happy they allow such an amazing show in the middle of San Francisco. Looking around the rooftops were packed, especially with kids, and I know the pilots left behind memories that will last a lifetime.


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