A Radioactive Map of Japan

My friend Alasdair Allan has been busy analyzing the radiation figures released by the Japanese government, measuring levels around the country. He used OpenHeatMap to visualize his results, and here’s his reassuring conclusion.

The map embedded below shows the environmental radioactivity measurements with respect to the typical maximum values for that locale. From this visualisation it is very evident that the measured values throughout Japan are normal except in the immediate area surrounding the Fukushima reactors where levels are about double normal maximum levels.

Environmental Radioactivity Measurement,
Ratio with respect to typical Maximum Values

However it is also immediately evident that during the period of monitoring radiation levels surrounding the troubled facility in Fukushima did not change significantly over time.

One response

  1. hello, you should check with values from indie assocs, greenpace or european governments.
    it seems that the japan measures are no so complete

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