Five short links

Photo by Sam Teigen

Bixo Labs – A company building bespoke web data mining solutions, founded by Ken Krugle of the late, lamented Krugle code search engine. Interesting because it shows how web crawling is now moving out of the labs and big corporations, into the reach of ordinary companies. There’s a nice explanation of their crawling architecture too.

WireIt – Build your own Yahoo Pipes/Quartz Composer interface with this free Javascript library. I’m having a blast with it myself, thanks Russ for the tip.

St Louis Fed – A feast of free economics data, I can’t believe I didn’t know about this before. via Paul Kedrosky.

Deri Pipes – Talking of Yahoo Pipes, here’s an open-source clone. I see errors pop up when I try to use it unfortunately, but with Yahoo’s recent troubles I’m looking out for alternatives to their services.

Datamarket releases 13,000 data sets – Another lovely set of data appears on the web. I haven’t seen anyone make a pure data marketplace work as a business model, but I wish them luck and appreciate more sources of data. Via Paul Kedrosky.

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