A Wisconsin century

We’re visiting Liz’s mom in her hometown of Hayward, WI this week and thought we’d take a day off from work and try to bike over a hundred miles! We’ve both been doing a lot more road-riding this summer in Boulder and with the breathing boost from going to near sea-level we thought this would be a great chance to manage our first ‘century’. It turned out to still be quite a workout even though the terrain looks flat when you’re driving, with the turn-around of the out-and-back almost 1,000 feet lower than the start and lots of hills in between. We made it though, riding 110 miles all the way to Lake Superior and back.

It wasn’t exactly a route custom-built for biking, it was all along the edge of highways but they weren’t too busy and in most places there was a wide, clear shoulder. The drivers that passed us were courteous and we felt pretty safe, especially compared to biking in Los Angeles. Highlights included the tiny store advertising “Minnows, Movie Rentals, Tanning and Turkey Registration” in the misleadingly named Grand View and a John Deere dealership. I have to confess I was more excited by the rival Kubota dealership down the road, thanks to fond memories of the Kubotas we drive on Santa Cruz Island when we’re helping out the rangers.

Anyway, I have no idea if anyone else will ever want to ride this route, but the map’s up above and we had a wonderful, exhausting time. Who knows, maybe we can give Hayward a biking rival to the Birkie?

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