Do you want a map of your blog?


One of my goals with OpenHeatMap is building a better interface to access and explore the firehose of data we’re bombarded with. I’ve always wanted a way to navigate content by location and so I’m experimenting with mapping blogs and other media sites. Above is a visualization I built of a few hundred posts from the Sunsurfer Tumblr blog. You can see at a glance the locations that the site covers, and then by mousing over you’ll see a selection of photos from that place.

I’m looking at turning this into a self-serve interface where anyone can enter a URL and receive a visualization of that whole site, but I need testers. If you have a blog or site that features a lot of locations, whether it’s pictures from around the world, news stories or anything you’re keen to see visualized like this, drop an email to [email protected] and I’ll get on the case!

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