Five short links

(I’m just back from a two-night camping trip at Lake Granby high in the Rockies, and that’s a view from our site)

How to nurture data scientists – There’s a whole new generation of data geeks quietly emerging who don’t fit in with the traditional classifications and Ben covers what they need to thrive within an organization. “The web is awash with data, much of which might be useful for your business analysis if you had a team of data scientists”

WhereDoYouGo – A fascinating open-source project to map your FourSquare habits via @rgaidot

Getting started with Map ReduceScott Hendrickson saved my bacon at the last Boulder/Denver Hadoop meetup. I’d left the location and talk arrangements until the last minute but he came through with a killer beginners guide to Amazon’s Elastic MapReduce service. He’s uploaded the slides here, and though his narration was hilarious, even just the notes and the links he includes are valuable for anyone thinking of using Hadoop

AggData – What is it with Texas and data startups? I’m already a big fan of 80Legs and InfoChimps, and just discovered this source of data sets in the Lone Star state. What’s really interesting is that it’s all publicly available information, with a lot of store locations pulled from websites, but it’s hard to gather unless you’re willing to do some serious head-scratching writing your own crawlers.

Rent-a-treehouse – I don’t normally respond to SEO people who want me to promote their sites, but when Chris Horner emailed me I was actually pretty fascinated by these odd European vacation rentals, so I decided to pass them along for free. You could also have your pick of a couple of castles, a shepherd’s hut or even a cave.

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