Five short links

Photo by Ken-ichi

Timetric – A large collection of data sets, complete with online tools to chart and analyze them via Pete Forde

Jsonduit – These JSON streams could be really powerful for building mashups, since they bypass the same-origin policy that makes combining data so hard via Pete Forde

USA Election Atlas – The presentation is a bit old-school, but you can find almost anything you'd want to know about past and present American election results

SimpleDB essentials – Hard-won wisdom on getting the most out of SimpleDB, from Sid Anand who's using it heavily at Netflix. My own experiments with it stalled because it was so hard to upload large amounts of data reliably. My code is available for anyone who wants to pick up where I left off

TrendsMap – An intriguing geographical prototype, showing Twitter trending topics on a map via Régis Gaidot

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