Five short links

Photo by Xanboozled

The Git Parable – After reading this story by Tom Preston of github, the way git works actually makes sense. It’s still a little maddening that my common workflow is more involved than it was on svn, but I understand more about how that flexibility can also be very powerful. via Elben

MacMail Power User Tips – TA from Gist has a great article on how to use the Apple desktop mail program effectively. I’m exclusively on gmail these days, and I constantly miss these sort of advanced features from Outlook, but the convenience of webmail is hard to beat.

Mapping conference connections – This is an area I’ve been fascinated by, and I actually spent some time with the guys on the late lamented Eventvue trying to create a compelling product around the same idea. I’d love to have a social map of how I’m connected to conference attendees before I went, but it’s been surprisingly tough to turn that into a business. via Eutiquio

Mapping the world’s photos – This is a couple of years old, but it’s still amazing to see the details that get highlighted when you map the locations of 35 million photos from Flickr. via Michael

Poly9 Globe – A Flash component that lets you render an interactive 3D globe and overlay information over it. Very nicely done.

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