Five short links

Photo by Oncle Tom

Facebook indifference at work again – Pat hits the nail on the head when he describes how dangerous it is for your business to rely on any large company when you're a small player with no leverage. The hardest part of my job at Apple was telling third-parties relying on the FxPlug API that we wouldn't be fixing bugs that were crucial for them. Often the effort on our end would be comparatively minor, but we couldn't persuade the powers-that-be that they were a high-enough priority to make it into a schedule.

Assholes who turned out to be right – Bob Sutton is by far my favorite business writer because he focuses on the everyday reality of cramming a bunch of primates into an office, not the business-school theory. Did you know the guy who invented the term supernova was both a genius and a complete psychopath whose idea of small-talk was "I myself can think of a dozen ways to annihilate all living beings in one hour"?

SNAP graph library – Not only a fascinating code-base for dealing with massive network problems, the SNAP project is also the home to the best collection of sample data sets I've ever seen.

It's OK not to write unit tests – I'm slowly figuring out where unit tests are useful and where they're overkill, so it was helpful to read a well-argued rant from an opponent.

Always Searching – Jessa Crispin argues that the secret to a well-lived life is figuring out how you can contribute to the greater good, and then pouring all your energies into that. Easier said than done of course, but I find it appealingly simple.

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