Five short links

Photo by Ucumari

The Institute for Unnecessary ResearchArt, science and magic, makes me wish I was at NetSci to hear about Cybernetic Bacteria

Pentaho – Some friends have been producing amazing results with this open-source business intelligence package, it's a really impressive framework for exploring your data

An analog video synthesizer – I'm fascinated by the outer reaches of video technology, and I love this application of old-school analog technology to video stream by LZX – I've ranted about this before, but if you're in the US and want your money to be lent out to local businesses rather than pumped into financial speculation and prefer customer service from actual humans, you should check out this site to find a nearby credit union

Karmasphere – I haven't spent much time with it, but so far this friendly interface to Hadoop looks very promising. Elastic MapReduce does a good job of making Hadoop available to the masses, but this goes a long way to make it a lot less intimidating too

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