Five short links

Photo by Jeff the Trojan

I'm flying home from the UK today (volcanoes permitting) so if you're waiting for a reply to your email I should be caught up soon.

Facebook files criminal charges against startup for violating terms of service – I think Arvind nails it with his analysis of Facebook's real problem. They're scared that they're losing the trust of their users, and they've fallen back to legal bullying rather than trying to solve the thorny issues that caused it.

Top 10 reasons you should quit Facebook – The incredible popularity of Dan Yoder's article makes it clear  there's deep concern about Facebook in the tech community. I'm still amazed by everything they've achieved, and don't want them to jump the shark, but if this starts resonate with people outside the bubble then they're in deep trouble.

Amazon S3 file deletion fail – Amazon make it very hard to delete large amounts of data once you've uploaded it. You can't even delete a bucket without removing all of the contents first, which makes no sense at all. Of course, you could always delete you account, and somehow they can remove the data then!

Location-based art: Audio Graffiti – Art is an incredibly underrated driver of technology, artists with a technical bent often come up with amazingly innovative uses of new tools, and this presentation made me miss my days of hacking on VJ software.

Jedi vs Tescos – I spent three years working for Tescos on the checkouts, and learned an amazing amount about customer service from one of the few UK stores to care about it. I thought the spokesman's comments at the bottom were pitch-perfect, "If Jedi walk around our stores with their hoods on, they'll miss lots of special offers". (via Overlawyered)

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