Getting Tokyo Tyrant to work with files larger than 2GB

Photo by Gen Kanai

I use Tokyo Tyrant/Cabinet as the key-value database for Mailana, and after some initial hiccups I've been very happy with its performance. Last night though it stopped working in the middle of preparing several hundred nightly emails, and I wanted to document the problem and the fix to help anyone else who hits this.

After a bit of investigation, I noticed that the Tyrant server kept dieing with "File size limit exceeded". My casket.tch hash database file had grown to 2GB, and running on a 32 bit EC2 server Tokyo couldn't cope with anything larger. There's a standard called Large File Support on Linux that allows you to access >2GB files, but it requires a few things to work:

– A modern version of Linux. I'm on 2.6, so it has support for LFS built in.

– A modern file system that supports large files. I'm on XFS, so that was also ok.

– You need to recompile your program to use the 64 bit versions of file operations. Happily Tokyo was using the correct off_t type for file offsets, rather than int, so I was able to add the -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 compile flag to the configure script in both Cabinet and Tyrant, rebuilt them both and they then ran with 64 bit file offsets on a 32 bit system.

There was one other quirk I discovered. By default Tokyo only uses a 32 bit index for the hash database, so you also need to pass in the l option at runtime to cope with the larger files, eg:

/usr/local/bin/ttserver -host /sqlvol/tokyo.sock -port 0 -le /sqlvol/casket.tch#opts=l

After doing those changes, I was able to restart my server and run the daily email updates again. The meta-data for my database seemed to have been corrupted by the issue, but all my data integrity checks passed, so I patched around the problem. Specifically in tchdb.c:tchdbopenimpl() the file size returned from fstat() didn't match the one stored in the meta-data header, so I skipped the check:

sbuf.st_size < hdb->fsiz

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