The thing I suck at most…


Photo by viernullvier

…is asking for help. Or to be more specific, exposing my ignorance and uncertainty when I ask for help. I've no problem asking for programming advice because I'm confident in my engineering knowledge. The business world is something else. I started my own company because I wanted to stretch myself in a completely new area, and I'm learning as I go. The trouble is, I have to project confidence to persuade people I'm on a mission worth supporting. How can I do that and ask for help when I need it?

So far I'm solving that by opening up to a few confidants and staying on-message with the rest of the world. My dilemma is there's lot of people can offer help but also need to see me showing confidence in my approach.

So what's the solution? I'm going to be more open about the questions I'm struggling with, and focus on learning from other people's experience rather than just trying everything for myself. Luckily there's a golden opportunity for me to do just that on the horizon- stay tuned for more details once I can share them…

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