How to find great public domain photos


One of my favorite parts of blogging is picking the images, and traditionally I've used Flickr's Creative Commons search to find some beautiful photos. For my Denver New Tech presentation I needed some historic photos, and that's one area where Flickr falls short. Most of the content comes from people's personal collections, and I really wanted an illustration of the Titanic sinking!

After doing some sniffing around, I discovered the WikiMedia commons collection. It's an amazing resource, a collection of over 4 million public domain pictures, animations and sound files. Sure enough I found just the image I was looking for:


It's dangerous though, there's so much beautiful content I could have lost days just browsing. If you want to see some wonderful work, start with their quality and featured collections, or just search on a topic. Even better, they're all licensed under either the Creative Commons or are public domain, so you can reuse them for your own projects. You really have no excuse for boring slides any more!

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