Twitter’s best friendships


Photo by Jeff Bauche has imported all the messages from 250,000 of the most active Twitter users, which gives me the chance to answer some interesting questions. Who's getting the most out of the service? From the coverage you'd think tech celebrities but the top 50 relationships include none of the usual suspects. Instead it's everyday people talking about their lives in public. UKMelia and Ernmander have exchanged over 2000 messages, and Krowed from Tokyo has two of his friendships in the top 5, but only 68 followers.

Here's the top 10:

1. ukmelia ernmander
2. stefanomuti milaluna
3. dragon_harrower nerdynerak
4. m_non krowed
5. hitmix krowed
6. sabell nerdynerak
7. shaunduke mulluane
8. wherever devilbesideyou
9. carnager makochan200
10. darkfairymomma corruptor

How is the chart ranked? I count the number of conversations between every pair of people on Twitter, looking at how many @ messages from one person include the other's name. To score the strength of a relationship I'm using the minimum of the number of messages sent in either direction. So, according to my data these are the people who send the most tweets to each other out of the millions on Twitter, quite a distinction!

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