True love and statistics


Photo by Keng

I ran an analysis of the most frequent correspondents in the Boulder Twits group, and was very happy to see Gwen Bell and Joel Longtine top of the charts. If you don't know their story, they met through Twitter, and will be getting married soon! It's a wonderful romance, and I was so pleased to see solid mathematical proof of their devotion to each other. My own dear Liz is a statistics major, so I know she'll appreciate it too!

Here's the full top 10, ordered by how many tweets were sent or received by each pair. There's a nice mix of friends and colleagues as well as couples:

  1. gwenbell and jlongtine: 222/291
  2. jennyjenjen and pugofwar: 148/210
  3. abatchelor and bfeld 113/115
  4. neogia and wittytwit: 91/137
  5. micah and technosailor: 82/59
  6. brianlburns and kohlmannj: 65/54
  7. heathercapri and wittytwit: 63/53
  8. micah and w1redone: 49/74
  9. briandewitt and jlongtine: 50/49
  10. ewu and jenn: 65/48

Congratulations to Gwen and Joel, long may their tweeting continue.

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