The top 30 Boulder tech twits


Photo by Sarah …

[Update- See for a permanent and expanded version]

With a move to Boulder looming, I decided to dig through my network and find everyone who's twittering from the local tech scene. If you're not following the conversation on Twitter yet, you're missing out.

It's heavily biased to the people I've met, so let me know who I'm missing in the comments or tweet me at

Jud Valeskignip founder

Larry McKeogh – product manager

Andrew HydeStartup weekend

David CohenTechstars

Stan JamesLijit founder

Todd VernonLijit CEO

Micah BaldwinLijit VP

Grace BoyleLijit business developer

Heather CapriMySpaceOrYours founder

Josh FrazerEventVue founder

Rob JohnsonEventVue founder

Jason MendelsonFoundry VC, OpenCoffee maestro

Seth LevineFoundry VC

Ryan McIntyreFoundry VC

Brad FeldFoundry VC

Vikas ReddyOccipital founder

Dave Taylor – All around entrepreneur

Brett R JacksonGeneration Think Tank founder

Austin VeithTravelFli founder

Stepan Mazurov – Developer

Adam SachsIgnighter founder

Carol StimmelTendril Inc product manager

Jeremy Tanner – Entrepreneur

Joe PezzilloMetafy founder

Kevin JT Binderi2 Internet founder

Collin SchaffsmaQuickLeft founder

Brent Ertz
– UI developer

Lindsay YawSwarm Collective founder

Liz founder

Cameron Robertson – Entrepreneur

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