Easily sort and share emails with Taglocity, and goodbye Sandy


I was recently shown Taglocity, a new Outlook add-in that lets you search, organize and share your mail messages. I haven't used it in depth, so far I have been impressed by their well-crafted interface. While some of the features have appeared before in other tools like Clear Context, their focus on collaboration leads to a very smooth workflow.  I'll be posting more once I've dug further into it, but it's great to see another innovative email tool appear.

On a sadder note, I Want Sandy is shutting down as Rael Dornfest will be joining Twitter. I'm sorry to see the service disappear, it was a fresh and quirky approach to calendars and to-do lists. It's great news for Twitter of course, I was lucky enough to share sushi with Rael a few months back, and he's bursting with interface smarts. I look forward to seeing Twitter heading in some interesting directions under his guidance.

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