Oblong now means ‘blog on’, not ‘no blog’


I'm extremely happy that my friends over at Oblong have finally decloaked and publicly revealed what they're up to. I was introduced to Kwin and John several years ago, and was instantly blown away by the potential of their technology, their infectious enthusiasm, and their scarily large brains. It's wonderful to see them reach this milestone.

Check out their videos to see for yourself, but they're offering a seductively easy but powerful new way of interacting with computers. They're building a system capable of precisely capturing mid-air hand gestures, with no data-gloves needed. Use it once and you'll be hooked.

On a personal level, they've been incredibly supportive of my own startup dreams, even though that's left me less time than I'd like to help them technically. At every step of the way, they've been cheering me on, they are utter mensches, and I'll be cheering them right back as g-speak conquers the world!

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