Defrag is here!


Photo by BBC Jersey

I'm here in Colorado, stoked to be attending the second Defrag. Things really kick off tonight with an email dinner hosted by Microsoft, but I've already caught up with Rob from EventVue for brunch. I've raved at length about how good this conference is, but I realized last night it feels like a huddle in the middle of a match. Everyone who attends spends the rest of the year on the field getting things done, we have a few days break to meet up, catch up and learn. Then we all fan out again to do our part in building our version of the shared vision. It's not a conference based around making news and announcements. Eric's kept it small enough that you end up having conversations, not just sitting and listening while somebody important tells you how things will be.

This year's integration of EventVue is a massive aid to this sort of meaningful conversation. They're conglomerating every attendee's twitter feed, along with Facebook and LinkedIn integration, so you can make connections you never expected. If you're attending, make sure you log in, or you'll be missing out. I've wanted a better way to connect at conferences for a long time, that was why I prototyped Defrag Connector last year, but Rob and Josh have really knocked it out of the park.

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