An online guide to hiking and biking trails near Los Angeles


Photo by KnaPix

I was out doing trail work at the annual COSCA event on Saturday, and met up with another regular, Steve Clark. He runs a website that's a fantastic resource for anyone who likes to get out in the mountains west of LA, I've put up my own guides to a few of the local trails and campgrounds, but Steve's assembled a comprehensive set of maps and descriptions covering most routes in the area.

He's got GPS-based topo maps for all the places he covers, together with elevation charts and descriptions. I still always recommend having a good traditional map of any area you're exploring, but he's done a fantastic job of writing guides that make it very hard to get lost! Here's links to his coverage of some of my favorite areas:

Mount Pinos
Circle X
Rocky Peak

Great job Steve, you're really helping people discover the wonderful wilderness we've got on our doorstep.

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