Adding cookies to CPeteHttpRequest

Photo by Esti-s

I’ve recently been emailing back and forth with Edward Hibbert as he builds on some of my BHO work to create an Internet Explorer plugin for Freecycle moderators users. I’m a fan of the organization, it’s a real win-win if unwanted items that would otherwise go into a landfill can be passed on to someone who can use them. I was the treasurer of a vaguely similar alternative currency group when I lived in Dundee, but this is a much simpler way of unlocking untapped value in a community.

One of his requirements was that he needed to pass around cookies in his internal HTTP requests, something that my base CPeteHttpRequest class doesn’t support. He’s implemented this functionality and kindly passed me the modified code, which I’ve included below.


[Update- corrected a couple of details like plugin’s homepage]

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