Heading back to Blighty

Photo by Caribb

Tomorrow me and Liz are flying to Heathrow, and the first couple of days we’ll be exploring London. During the day I’ll be introducing her to Kew Gardens, one of my favorite places on the globe, full of the most wonderful plants that the British Empire could plunder. We’ll be returning to London Walks in the evening, we’ve now done pretty much every tour they offer on previous visits, so we’ll be trying some for the second time. If you have a ghoulish streak, I highly recommend the Jack the Ripper walk, it’s pretty chilling to visit the sites of the murders, and even the pubs the victims were picked up from.

After that I’ll be in a happy whirlwind of family gatherings in my Cambridgeshire village, followed by a week in a cottage on the south-west coast of Ireland. Our main goal is to see some rain, after the last 6 months of SoCal heat. I just want to see some green grass that doesn’t rely on sprinklers.

I’ll be checking my email when I can, and probably squeezing in some development while we’re traveling, but there won’t be many updates here for a couple of weeks. My twitter account may get a bit more use if I’m able to SMS, but we’ll see if that’s too much of a technical challenge for me.

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