Where to go if you want startup inspiration

I’m a comparative late-comer to Twitter, but I’ve started to get hooked. One of things that pleasantly surprised me is how useful it can be. You can ask questions, or respond to them, and generally do the flea-picking off each others backs that’s required to keep relationships alive, all through a very zen interface.

As someone who reads the back of cereal packets if there’s nothing else to hand, I try to direct my reading addiction into useful channels, mostly towards sources of startup advice and inspiration over the last few years. This has meant personal blogs like Brad’s, Fred’s, Don’s, or topic-based ones like VentureHacks or AskTheVC. The trouble is blog posts are time-consuming, which means there’s a big barrier to passing on a quick link, so posts only happen occasionally. That’s where Sam Huleatt has stepped in, with a use for Twitter I’d never thought of.

His new startuptweet stream is collecting a massive number of videos, stories and blog posts on things that startups care about, like a Stanford introduction to the VC process or Paul Graham discussing how to motivate great hackers. He’s already posted a large number of high-quality resources in just a few days, and I’m hopeful that the ease of posting will make it possible for him to keep up the pace. Check out the full site, and start following!

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