Do you ever stare at a blank document wondering where to start?

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When I’m coding, designing a web page or writing up a document, it’s often helpful to start with an existing example. I’ll usually finish up completely rewriting it, but having a guide to the expected structure and main points to hit makes the process much faster. For business and legal documents, that’s where DocStoc comes in.

They offer a platform for users to share free templates for things like business agreements, wills and expense worksheets. It’s focused on professional documents, which separates it from services like Scribd, and has a flash-based interface for browsing through the material. They have a rating system that’s designed to help you find the most useful content. One thing I’d love to see is an official seal of approval on some of the legal documents, at the moment I would be nervous using it for something like a will without some reassurance.

They’re run out of Los Angeles, and recently announced a $3.25 million Series B funding round with Rustic Canyon Partners. I met Jason Nazar, the entrepreneur behind DocStoc, when he gave a talk at the Entrepreneurs Mentor Society last year. Back then it was still in the early stages, and it’s great to see it turn into such a local success story. I do wonder if the same idea could be applied to a company intranet, so that commonly used document templates could be shared in a central location?

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