Off the grid on Santa Cruz Island

Photo by Kevin Sarayba

Tomorrow morning I’m off for a four day camping trip to Santa Cruz Island, where we’ll be working with the NPS rangers to fix up some of the hiking trails. It’s like a trip back to the 19th century, with no phones, cars, planes, and no permanent inhabitants on a 100 square mile island. I can’t imagine any other way of escaping from my compulsion to check my iphone and RSS reader, and it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth to boot. All that and it’s just an hour’s boat ride from LA!

To keep you busy while I’m away, I recommend checking out the Bombay TV video mashup site. It’s very simple, just placing subtitles on some old bollywood movies, but the clips are perfectly chosen. I guarantee that you’ll wake up everyone in the room if you use this for your next presentation.

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