Using Outlook to import emails to Exchange is painfully slow



Once I’d converted the Enron emails to a PST and loaded them into Outlook, I thought I was almost done with my quest to get them on my Exchange server. The last remaining step was to copy them to an Outlook folder that’s in an account that’s hosted on that server. With the PST conversion taking about a day, I assumed it would take a while, but after running for 6 days, it’s still only up to the B’s in alphabetical order!

ExMerge is an alternative way to import a PST onto an Exchange server. It only supports non-unicode files though, and has a 2GB limit, so that doesn’t work for the 5GB Enron data set. Another suggestion (Experts’ Exchange, so scroll down past the ads to see the comments) is to turn off cached mode and do File->Import from within Outlook. I’ve cancelling my current copy and so far this approach seems a lot faster.

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  1. I forgot to mention the true “Office Space” sequence of progress bars that popped up. Mostly they sat at zero for a while, then they would move a pixel and display “26 hours remaining”, and then after twenty minutes they’d shoot immediately to completion and another one would appear.
    Writing a perfect progress bar is actually really hard, because you’re trying to predict the future. Microsoft often seem to get it wrong by rolling in initialization costs into their calculations, so a 10 second delay connecting while no data is sent gives a massive number at the start which then drops. Hmm, this is turning into a post, I’d better save it for the main page!

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