A Facebook Ajax Example

Photo of the original Ajax by Oboulko

One of the toughest parts of the Facebook API is their Ajax support. There’s a good page on their wiki with a small piece of sample code, but since Event Connector uses Ajax heavily, I thought it would be a good real-world example. Here’s the PHP source code.

I’ve removed the application settings from config.php, so you’ll need to create your own application in Facebook and follow the same steps you do for the Footprints sample before you can use it. There’s some inline comments explain the control flow, and covering some of the Ajax quirks. One thing to be aware of is the 10 second time-out in all Facebook page requests. If you’re doing any heavy work on the server, or it could get overloaded, you’ll need a strategy to prevent your users seeing an error screen, which is exactly why I went with Ajax for this situation.

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