A search cloud for this site

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After using statcounter to track around 800 visits, I’ve put together a search cloud for this blog.

I’m still getting a lot of hits for my early review of Crossloop, thanks largely to the success that Mrinal and the gang have had with their free screen-sharing tool. I’ve seen a lot of people looking for more information on Facebook programming, that’s shown pretty clearly in the cloud too. I get the feeling that most developers are still fairly cagey about sharing information, or just plain too busy to post the collection of tutorials and tips that usually grows up around a platform.

For the Outlook API, it’s almost the opposite problem. There’s loads of resources out there, many going back to the mid 90’s, but almost nothing that gives a broad introduction to all the different technologies you can use to work with Exchange and Outlook.

It’s been great to see my local camping guides reaching so many people too. It’s a real long-tail endeavour, but it’s a good feeling to know that anyone looking for camping spots in the Santa Monicas can now find out on the web, whereas before the information just wasn’t there.

As I gather more statistics, it’ll be interesting to do some per-page clouds. Since the whole blog covers a range of subjects, it’s hard to get an idea if you can get good hints on its meaning from this cloud. Looking at visits to particular pages more focused on a topic would be a better test.

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