Now you can try ManagedQ for yourself


My anonymous friends over at ManagedQ have left their private beta and opened their search service to everyone. I already covered how helpful their regular expression in-page searching can be, and they have a lot more to offer too, like their entity extraction and the most accurate thumbnails I’ve seen. You can see more reviews on AltSearchEngines and

I’ve been having some fun using the regular expressions I posted a few days ago with ManagedQ. To see their power, follow these steps:

1) Go to and enter your main search terms (eg pete warden)
2) On the results page, start typing to bring up the inpage search box
3) Delete anything that’s already in there and enter the following regular expression:

This should highlight any phone numbers in the results pages. I made the expression a bit more restrictive than my previous version to exclude letters as phone number seperators.


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