Jerry Mitcham, trailwork hero


Last night was the annual Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council board meeting and dinner. Jerry received the Hank Grateful award for the most time worked this year, with an astonishing 366 hours spent fixing up the trails! For just one project, he hiked miles out into the backcountry with a 30 pound post hammer to install over 70 signs. He’s not only a hard worker, he’s also a leader, both day-to-day as a crew boss, and working with the park agencies to make work trips to Santa Cruz Island happen. A good friend and lovely guy, I always look forward to working with him out in the mountains.

He’s not alone out there, many of the regulars clocked up over 200 hours each. Looking around the room that night, I was thinking about the difference all these volunteers make, even though most trail users will never know about them. They’re not doing it for recognition, money or out of obligation, they just take joy in getting things done, in improving the mountains they love.

The awards had the motto "The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more". The happiest people I know are those who love what they do. I love being in a team full of them, whether it’s in the mountains or a conference room.


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