So L.A.


I just talked to my neighbor, who’s having his back wall rebuilt after a car flew off the freeway into his pool. Liz spent an hour cleaning the ash out of our hot-tub. Dinner was an In-N-Out animal-style burger, but I’ll be working that off with a ride along the beach path in Santa Monica, after a 90 minute commute on the 405. This weekend, fires permitting, we’ll be camping with the coyotes, in the mountains north of Malibu.

I don’t stop to think about it as often as I should, but when I do it always blows my mind. As a kid in Britain I grew up watching this world on TV and dreaming. Now I’m living in it! There’s so many things and people I love and miss in the UK, but this feels like home.

Funhouse Photo User Count: 1,892 total, 109 active. It’s been good to see the active count increasing along with the total. I need to graph this again.

Event Connector User Count: 82 total, 5 active. Still picking up some random users from the directory, but no takers from event organizers.

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